Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are now the cleanest and most popular method for heating a swimming pool. They are also the most economical to run – by simply using the warm summer’s air they can supply 5kw of energy from every 1kw of electricity used.

With so many heat pumps available on the market, choosing the right one  can be a  thankless task. At Haslemere Pools (Farnham) we hold a selection of the leading heat pumps in stock, so we can make that task a lot simpler.


Choosing your heat pump:

  1. Work out the water volume (cubic metres) of your pool (ie. Length x Width x Depth). 
  2. Choose the matching heat pump from the list below.
  3. Let us know where you want it delivered and you may qualify for free installation. Call 01252 216050.

Please note prices exclude Vat.

* kw output figures are all at 15 degrees centigrade air temp.



Invertech 10   (6.5kw)                                       Pools < 25m3                        £1,495

Invertech 13   (9.4kw)                                       Pools < 45m3                        £2,150

Invertech 17   (11.4kw)                                    Pools < 55m3                        £2,595

Invertech 21   (14.5kw)                                    Pools < 60m3                        £2,950

Invertech 25   (18kw)                                        Pools <75m3                         £3,695


WaterCo ElectroHeat

ElectroHeat Plus 70      (21kw)                                 Pools < 75m3                        £3,950

ElectroHeat Plus 85      (25kw)                                 Pools < 92m3                        £4,500

ElectroHeat Plus 105   (31kw)                                 Pools < 108m3                     £4,750



HSE056       (5.6kw)                                       Pools < 21m3                          £1,395 

HSE095       (9.5kw)                                       Pools < 37m3                          £1,795

HSE125       (12.5kw)                                    Pools < 48m3                          £2,195

HSE170V    (17kw)                                        Pools < 65m3                          £3,350

HSE210V    (20.7kw)                                    Pools < 80m3                          £3,550



Pro-Pac 8ALX       (8.8kw)                               Pools < 37m3                       £2,795

Pro-Pac 12ALX    (12kw)                                Pools < 50m3                       £3,195

Pro-Pac 16ALX    (15kw)                                Pools < 65m3                       £3,950  

Pro-Pac 22ALX    (21kw)                                Pools < 85m3                       £4,495      

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