Design and Cost Your Own Pool

Its easy to work out how much a new pool is going to cost, simply choose which type of pool you are looking for and add all the extras listed below and you will have a good idea of how much your pool project is likely to cost.

Please note all costings are guide prices only and exclude VAT costs. A site visit will be required to give an accurate quotation.


Step 1 - Choose the type of pool

Basic Liner Pool package:    

6m x 3m                                     £24,000 

8m x 4m                                     £27,000 

10m x 5m                                  £34,000 

Basic Tiled Pool package:   

6m x 3m                                     £35,000 

8m x 4m                                     £39,000 

10m x 5m                                  £46,000

Basic pool package includes: 

Structure:                                      Reinforced concrete walls

Lining:                                              Plain Liner  or Mosaic Tiles      

Depth of Water:                       1 metre single depth

Copings:                                         Bullnosed - sloped back

Stainless Steel Ladder:          1

Skimmers:                                     1

Inlet;                                                 1


Sump (main drain):                    No

Vac point:                                      No

Underwater Light:                   No

Filtration:                                      Sta-rite filter pump

Sand Filter                                    Hayward Sand filter

Heater                                            Garden-Pac Heat Pump

Plant room electrics               included

Step 2 - Add any extras:

Extra skimmer                                                                           £750

Extra Inlet                                                                                    £250

Sump (main drain)                                                                   £950

Underwater Light                                                                    £950

Vac point                                                                                      £500

Vac point with booster pump                                           £1,500

Automatic Top Up                                                                   £500

Counter current jet                                                                £2,000+

Salt water chlorinator                                                           £1,750

UV sanitiser                                                                                 £1,500

Roman End Steps                                                                      £4,500

In built Corner Steps                                                               £2,000

Full width Steps                                                                          £3,000

Upgrade heat pump to higher output                            £1,500

Filtration Room (7 x 5 shed on concrete base)         £950

Step 3 - Pool Cover options:

Solar cover  (inc reel system)                                          £1000

Winter Debris cover                                                            £1100

Albiges Vinyl Safety Bar Cover                                      £4,000

Abriblue Slatted Automatic cover                               £7,000

Aquamatic / DriPool  Vinyl Security cover             £17,000

Step 4 - Paving options:

(assuming 1m paving around pool on reinforced concrete base)     

6m x 3m pool                                                                   £2,700

8m x 4m pool                                                                   £3,600

10m x 5m pool                                                                £4,500

Additional 15 sq metre sundeck area               £3,000

Step 5 - Pool dimension options:

Add a Deep End (2 metres depth):

Liner pool                                  add £3,000

Tiled Pool                                  add £5,000

Extra metre in pool length (per linear metre):

Liner pool                                 add £2,000

Tiled pool                                  add £3,000

Extra metre in pool width (per linear metre):

Liner pool                                  add £3,000

Tiled pool                                  add £4,000

Extra pool depth throughout (per 30cm):

Liner pool                                 add £1,500

Tiled pool                                  add £2,000

Step 6 - Muck away costs

Assuming excavations can not be disposed of on site, costs for removal by grab lorry:

6m x 3m pool                       £2,000

8m x 4m pool                       £3,000

10m x 5m pool                    £4,000